This floor is dedicated to learning about the San’in Kaigan Geopark. Here we discuss the unique topography, climate, and cuisine of Kami-cho and the Japanese archipelago, which detached from the Eurasian continent some 20M years ago.

  Geopark Floor (1st Floor)

> 2nd floor


Kami-cho information area
See the looming steel of the Amarube Viaduct and the vast Ojiro cedar trees.



Geopark Corner 1
The charms of the Geopark are showcased here through videos, information panels, and other artifacts.



Geopark Corner 2
This diorama accurately reproduces the charms of the Geopark.

Promotional videos about the Geopark are screened here.
Seminars and lectures are held here.

Marine products workshop (reservation required) Try your hand at making your very own souvenir!

– This area has lots of fun things for the little ones to learn about.
– Do your children have geo-related questions? Don’t worry. Staff are on hand to guide them.

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