Geoparks explained

“Geo” is a root word referring to the Earth and land, so Geopark is a title given to natural park areas that have important scientific significance or natural beauty.
Geology and topography are deeply implicated in the history and culture of the world. Geoparks offer a place to learn about the importance of the Earth and its development.
The Geopark system was established in 2004 under the support of UNESCO through the Global Geoparks Network (GGN).



Overview of the Kami-cho Geopark & Uminobunkakan

The facility makes use of the geological formations and natural environs around Kami-cho to allow visitors to learn about the San’in Kaigan Geopark and offer opportunities for raising greater awareness about the region, as well as foster community-building around the Geopark.

It acts as a hub for nature schools, conveys tourists to other tourism facilities within the area, as well as trains guides and other personnel and promotes exchanges between guides and others.


Exhibit details

This floor is dedicated to learning about the San’in Kaigan Geopark. Here we discuss the unique topography, climate, and cuisine of Kami-cho and the Japanese archipelago, which detached from the Eurasian continent some 20M years ago.



Exhibit details

Kasumi is a town of fishing commerce, which developed alongside the evolution of the sea routes here. This floor lets you learn all about its maritime culture. Learn about the history of the Kitamaebune shipping route, see traditional fishing implements, and see crabs, squid, and other creatures that inhabit the Sea of Japan.


                                            The Kasumi east fishing harbor is right nearby.                      Exterior view


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